What you need to know when moving from Dubai to Sharjah

Over the years, Sharjah has become a popular destination for people looking to live in the UAE, particularly due to its family-friendly environment .

The decision to move from Dubai to live in Sharjah is already being considered by many residents of Dubai. Still, if you are thinking about moving from Dubai to Sharjah, you should be aware of certain aspects of your life that will be subject to change.


Living in Sharjah is a little different from Dubai. The Sharjah community is more conservative. For example, there has been a ban on alcohol since 1985, which limits the availability of nightclubs and public bars.

Instead, you can enjoy different leisure activities such as exploring heritage sites, historic areas, shopping, and trips to family-style attractions such as the amusement park and Corniche. They will probably be a part of your life when relocating to Sharjah.

Moving from Dubai to Sharjah may also require updating your wardrobe, especially when it comes to shorts or miniskirts. Sharjah culture prefers a respectful style of clothing.


Whether you have a car or not, moving from Dubai to Sharjah means you’re getting to know a new city, which will take some time anyway. If you do not have a car but depend on public transport, you can get the service in Sharjah using taxis or the newly established Public Transport system, Mowasalat, which provides bus services throughout the Emirate.

Also in Sharjah, shopping malls and retail outlets are equipped with all the brands you would find in Dubai, so you can enjoy many options.

Adding to the retail experience in Sharjah are the traditional markets, where you can buy everything you need from carpets to tropical fruits, precious metals or handcrafted souvenirs from the Central Market. The latter is also known as the Blue Souk, one of the oldest markets that you can explore once you move to Sharjah.

Income and savings

No doubt that moving from Dubai to Sharjah allows you to save a lot of housing costs, even if your employer does not pay a subsistence allowance as part of your package. Apartments prices in Sharjah are generally more affordable than those of Dubai. This means that the decision to relocate from Dubai to Sharjah will free you from concerns about higher rental rates.

Relocating and changing home may be a daunting task, but if you decide to move to Sharjah, you don’t need to worry too much about adapting to the Emirate – it’s like other Emirates but with a quieter, more family-friendly lifestyle.