The Downtown of New Sharjah

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Find your property
  • Project size

    24M sq.ft.

  • Green space

    250,000 m2

  • Residential units


  • Family entertainment

    1.9M sq.ft.

A self-sustained community

A self-sustained community

Aljada is a landmark development that will redefine Sharjah living. It is a destination where everything is at your fingertips, where living, working, entertainment, recreation, shopping and culture all come together in a vibrant and unique urban environment.

The Downtown of new Sharjah.

  • 24 million sqft development
  • 4.4km retail boulevard length
  • 25,000 residential units
  • 4 hotels
  • 250,000 sqm green space
  • 3 schools
  • 500,000 sqm prime office space
  • 1 education district
  • 165,000 sqm retail Leasable space
  • 7 mins from Sharjah airport
  • 20 mins from Dubai International Airport
  • 1.9 million sqft family entertainment complex
  • … and there’s more, lots more!
A self-sustained community

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Aljada Discovery Center

Aljada, Sharjah

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