Sharjah’s premier entertainment destination

About Madar

Designed by Zaha Hadid Architects, Madar is a leisure and entertainment destination packed with exciting attractions, green spaces and amazing shopping and dining options.

About Madar

Might as Well Jump!

A little bit of jumping makes all the stress go away – and there’s no thrill like learning new tricks! Come to BOUNCE, the newest attraction at Aljada, with more space for kids and adults alike to let loose and experience the magic freestyle bouncing has to offer!

Refreshments in the Forest

The Hut in Madar offers guests an experience unique to Sharjah – freshly brewed coffee and delicious food in the company of nature. The café is nestled within Shajar, Aljada’s tree nursery – surrounded by a green canopy of trees destined for Arada’s growing communities. It’s a perfect place for refreshment before or after a fascinating tour of the Shajar facility.