7 reasons why the Emirates is the best place to live in the world

Have you ever dreamed of living in a country where you can enjoy the best of both worlds: modernity and tradition, luxury and simplicity, nature and progress, all within a safe and immaculate environment?

Look no further than the UAE! Made up of seven diverse Emirates, this dynamic and prosperous nation offers warm hospitality, exciting career opportunities, and a vibrant, inspirational lifestyle for entrepreneurs, investors, families, students, singles and couples.

There are numerous reasons that make the United Arab Emirates the best place to live in the world. Here are a few:

Topnotch stability

The Emirates is one of the most prosperous and stable countries in the world, with a per capita GDP of $43,000+. The diversified and innovative economy is driven by tourism, oil and gas, trade, property, finance, and technology. Its business-friendly environment offers incentives for investors and entrepreneurs along with low taxes, free zones, and residence visas. Together with an exceedingly low crime rate, it’s a terrific place to live and thrive in safety and prosperity.

Multiculturalism like no other

The Emirates is a cosmopolitan hub that embraces over 200 nationalities who live and work in harmony across every sector, even outnumbering Emirati citizens in many regions. The country celebrates diversity and creativity with festivals, events, attractions, world-class shopping, dining, entertainment, music, the arts, culture and nightlife. In many ways, it is the center of the world.

Respect for nature

We’ve all heard of the dazzling skylines, myriad highways, stunning islands and every form of rapid development under the sun attributed to the UAE. But did you know about the tremendous regard towards nature? The UAE maintains a green belt of over 200 km with forests, parks, and gardens. There are massive restoration, replantation and sustainability efforts, from coral reefs, mangrove forests and safari parks to bee and butterfly sanctuaries and investment into tech-assisted agrarian efforts including hydroponic farming.

There is a Ministry of Happiness and Wellbeing

Imagine an actual ministry devoted to wellbeing and joy! The Emirates is a positive country, with a mission to make its people and the world happier, so much so that there’s a Minister of Happiness and Wellbeing in place! The Happiness and Wellbeing Strategy, Programme and Index collectively plan, promote and measure positivity and happiness among people from every strata of society.

Deliciously balmy from autumn to spring

Here’s the flip side to living in a desert clime: residents and visitors enjoy 7+ months of beautifully cool weather from October to April! While the rest of the year is definitely very warm, temperature-control is a high priority, so it’s generally very comfortable everywhere you go. You may even need a sweater indoors! And the summer months are perfect for frequent swims.

Sports activities that cater to every imagination

You’ll have heard of the F1 races, golf, polo, football and cricket tournaments that take place in the UAE but did you know about traditional falconry, camel racing, and pearl diving passed down over generations too? Adventure seekers may enjoy a plethora of thrilling experiences thanks to the 1,300km coastline with pristine beaches, the 80,000km2 desert with sand dunes, oases, and wildlife, and the 500km mountain range with rugged peaks, valleys, and springs. Water sports include sailing, surfing, diving, and kayaking. Desert sports include dune bashing, sandboarding, and quad biking, while mountain sports include hiking, climbing, and zip-lining. Not to be outdone, sky sports include skydiving, paragliding, and ballooning. Super exciting!

Homes for all budgets

The robust property sector has seen a massive demand for homes in the UAE in recent years with no signs of abating, and there are options for payment plans as well as off-plan properties to plan your move! Enjoy browsing contemporary studios and multi-bedroom apartments, along with deluxe townhouses, serene villas and spectacular mansions. Now imagine your dream home positioned in meticulously planned communities with every possible amenity and recreational facility you can think of, offered by Arada – the UAE’s fastest growing developer. Live your best life in the most wonderful country in the world!