Planning for Nursery Education in Sharjah

Your child’s education is one of the most valuable gifts you can offer your little one. When you choose to move to Sharjah, you’ll become part of a booming city that boasts 1.4 million people! The Dubai-Sharjah-Ajman metropolitan area offers shopping, jobs, cultural experiences, and of course, schools. If you’ve been thinking about moving to Sharjah, it’s important to consider how you’ll educate your child in your new city. Fortunately, it’s possible to find an incredible nursery that’s just right for your child.

School Options in Sharjah

Students between 6 months and 4 years of age can attend nursery school in Sharjah. School programmes for children at these ages centre on helping students develop their creativity, reasoning abilities, and curiosity. As a parent, you’ll have the option to choose from public and private nurseries, as well as preschools and daycare centers in Sharjah.  The type of school that works for your family will vary greatly depending on where you live in the city, what your goals are for your child, and what your little one’s personality is like. Some children perform best in highly-structured environments, while other children prefer nurseries that are more focused on creative play. Don’t be afraid to reach out to nurseries in the area and to discuss your options. You may be surprised at just how many incredible choices you really have when it comes to selecting the best educational opportunities for your child.

Pre-Planning and Registration

Did you know that you’ll need to apply for your child to go to school before you can register them as a student? When you first arrive in Sharjah, you may be so busy looking for a house, starting your new job, and learning your way around that you neglect to look into school applications. Don’t skip this important step! Finding the right school for your child is only the first part of your adventure. You’ll also need to plan ahead so you can register your child and have them take any necessary entrance exams or tests they need for admission.

When you locate a school you’re interested in, reach out to the administration and schedule a tour. You can explore the school with a guide, talk with the teachers who work there, and discover exactly how each school functions in its own way. If you’re interested in your child getting a Montessori education, for example, you’ll be able to find a school that offers this. Consider taking a tour of two or three different schools to get a feel for what type of education you’d like your child to receive.

Once you’ve chosen the school you want your child to attend, you’ll need to pre-register your little one so they can start classes. Talk with the school administrators to acquire any paperwork you may be required to fill out. It’s also important that you consider how you’ll pay your tuition and fees. Each family has their own unique circumstances, so discuss your payment options with the school and discover how you can appropriately pay for your child to attend.

Top Nurseries in Sharjah

As you search for the ideal school for your child, consider one of these top nurseries in Sharjah. Each school is designed to meet the changing needs of your family and of your child specifically.

Bumble Bee Nursery

With fees in the AED18,000 to AED19,000 range, Bumble Bee Nursery wants to see your child succeed. This school is dedicated to helping each child realise just how special and unique they are. The motto of this school is, “One world, one family.” This is reflected in the teaching styles and methodology presented at this school. One of the goals of Bumble Bee Nursery is to promote intercultural experiences for children while providing a nurturing environment in which they can flourish.

Al Kangaroo Nursery

If you’re looking for something in the AED15,000 to AED16,000 range, this school is the perfect choice. Al Kangaroo Nursery combines education with activities in a safe, nurturing environment for children.  Open from 7 am until 5 pm, this school offers incredibly facilities for children who are curious and excited about the world around them. With learning zones and an incredible outdoor space, this school has it all. Choose Al Kangaroo Nursery if you’re looking for a space that offers a British curriculum for your children.

Little Wonders Nursery Sharjah

Since 2005, Little Wonders has offered incredible education in the UAE. With a British curriculum and fees in the AED15,000 to AED17,000 range, this school focuses on helping your child develop both their intellectual and physical skills. This nursery boasts Montessori skills, as well as Arabic classes to help your child grow and succeed. In addition to an indoor soft play area and sensory corner, this school also has an on-site health clinic and registered nurse to ensure your child stays safe at all times.

Being a parent isn’t easy, but when you find the perfect nursery school for your child, things become a bit simpler. You’ll be able to watch your child grow, learn, and succeed as they experience the joy of attending school in a loving and nurturing environment. Moving to Sharjah is an incredible experience, so make sure you take advantage of all this city has to offer by choosing an unbeatable nursery school for your child where they can reach their full potential.