The top seven best museums in Sharjah

It’s no wonder that Sharjah is regarded as the cultural capital of the Arab world.

It’s no wonder that Sharjah is regarded as the cultural capital of the Arab world, given the huge number of galleries, museums and events taking place in the Emirate. In total, there are 13 museums in Sharjah, covering everything from cars to planes, and science to history. We’ve picked our seven favourites here:

Al Hisn Fort Museum

Built in 1823, Al Hisn Fort was originally the headquarters of the government of Sharjah and the residence of the Al Qawasim ruling family. The fort contains a wide collection of photographs and archaeological finds, as well as weapons, artefacts and the famous Al Raggas Cannon.

Al Mahatta Museum

Al Mahatta Museum recalls a time when Sharjah hosted the UAE’s only airport. Built in 1932, Mahatta was a staging point on the long journey from Europe to Asia and Australia. Highlights from the museum include the first plane to land in the airport and the first cinema in the Gulf (opened at the site of the airport in 1945).

Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilisation

One of Sharjah’s most distinctive and impressive buildings, the Museum of Islamic Civilisation is based in what was one a traditional souq. The galleries at the museum include the Abu Bakr Gallery of Islamic Faith and the Ibn Al Haytham Gallery of Science and Technology.

Sharjah Science Museum

Celebrating its 20th anniversary last year, Sharjah Science Museum is an exceptionally popular destination for families. The museum offers interactive exhibits, programmes and events for children, as well as hands-on experiments and demonstrations.

Sharjah Heritage Museum

Located in the Heart of Sharjah regeneration project, Sharjah Heritage Museum is housed in Bait Saeed Al Taweel Al Shamsi and is a great introduction to the Emirate’s history, traditions and way of life.

Sharjah Classic Car Museum

This museum, based next to Sharjah International Airport, displays vintage classic cars of different brands dating back to the beginning of last century, in addition to classic motorcycles and bicycles. The oldest car showcased in the museum dates back to 1917.

Mleiha Archaeological Centre

Located the in desert town of Mleiha, this museum focuses on a number of prehistoric sites in the surrounding area. The exhibition contains a number of interactive displays, artifacts and information points, making it a great draw for families.