Senior executive honored for ‘Evolve’ – Arada’s digital transformation journey

Senior executive honored for ‘Evolve’ – Arada’s digital transformation journey

News: 4 March 2021

A senior Arada executive was recently honored for the company’s digital transformation program at the third annual CXO 50 Awards, which recognizes information technology leaders who have put in place bold digital strategies that have had an immense impact on their respective businesses.

The virtual awards ceremony last week brought together some of the Middle East’s most innovative and forward-thinking IT executives, including Arada’s Chief Technology Officer, Shrikant Kabboor, who was named as one of 50 leaders who have ‘led the charge during the crisis to shape the new normal’.

Commenting on the recognition, Shrikant said: “We’re humbled by this recognition, which acknowledges Arada’s sensible and impactful decision to embark on a digital transformation journey that we have named ‘Evolve’. Announced last October, this program will introduce new ways of doing business, influence the customer experience and improve both Arada’s business innovation and its efficiency.”

Arada’s employees have already started experiencing new efficiencies in the human resources functions offered by EngageHR. The development and handover teams have also been vastly benefiting from the new digital snagging and inspection system, which we rolled out earlier this year. The full digital transformation program is designed to offer a matured and advanced technology baseline by December 2022, offering enhanced business applications and other digital advanced features including automated end-to-end functions and a clearly defined technology governance.

In a bid to assist with Evolve’s aim to offer improved business intelligence and practical analytics, the IT team is working hard to ensure that Arada’s business is truly connected internally and with its customers, enabling the developer’s leaders to make informed decisions based on rapid data analysis and insights.

Shrikant continued: “We are making significant leaps in our journey since we kicked off ‘Evolve’ four months ago, and we are confident that our digital infrastructure will continue to introduce new efficiencies to all aspects of our business, creating new economic opportunities and allowing us to better respond to market needs.”