7 amazing places in Madar at Aljada you might have missed

If you’re one of the more than 200,000 people who have discovered Madar at Aljada since its launch in February, you’ll know that there are a huge range of activities to keep the family occupied. Everyone will have noticed the beautifully designed Aljada Discovery Centre, the Zad drive-thru food trucks, the Playscape kids adventure playground and the drive-in movie theatre.

But did you spot everything there is to see and do?

Check out the seven things from this new entertainment destination that you might have missed:

Skate park

Located at the far corner of the Madar at Aljada complex, behind Playscape, the skatepark is a must-visit attraction for adventure sports enthusiasts. In fact, it is one of the most challenging and rewarding skateparks in the UAE, with two deep skate bowls, a mogul, a rail and a ramp.

Immersive experience room

When you visit the Aljada Discovery Centre, don’t forget to visit the immersive experience room, which is based at the rear of the ground floor. Here, you can have a 360-degree view of five different locations within Aljada, including the bustling retail boulevard, a luxurious penthouse, and the beautifully landscaped parks.

Food village

The drive-thru section of new foodie destination Zad has proved incredibly popular since launching in February. But have you tried out the tasty options on offer in Zad’s picnic area? These include vegan outlet Vurger, ice cream specialists Amorino, gourmet Italian cuisine expert Dr Pasta, and seafood outlet Musl, as well as a mini market. The latest addition to Zad’s picnic area is Spicy Station, which serves delicious Indian food, and which opened in the middle of July.

The Madar at Aljada park walk

You may have missed this on your drive into Madar, but the walkway between the Aljada Discovery Centre and the entrance to the community is one of the most peaceful and relaxing walks in Sharjah. There is a wide range of local trees and bushes in this zone, including a number of ghaf trees that have been relocated from other parts of Aljada. There are a number of benches where you can rest amid the greenery and watch an incredible sunset.

The Amphitheatre

Located the middle of the Madar complex, the amphitheatre has a capacity for 500 people and is a focal point for weekend activities. It has already played host to theatrical performances, dance shows and musical showpieces. While quiet in the summer, the amphitheatre really comes into its own in the cooler months.

The fountain play area

Set just behind the adventure playground is the fountain play area, a firm favourite with families. The water fountains are especially popular in the evenings, due to the colourful lighting displays. Your kids will love to splash around in the water to keep cool in the warmer weather.

The Aljada Show apartment

Based on the upper floor of the Aljada Discovery Centre, designed by Zaha Hadid Architects, Arada’s show apartment has just been finished. The luxurious two bedroom apartment even contains a full length balcony, and lets visitors know exactly what living in Aljada is all about. From the show apartment, you have a great view of the rest of Madar, and can also keep an eye on the new apartment blocks that are nearing completion in First Avenue, the first phase of Aljada.