Arabian Business: Video: Sharjah’s multi-billion-dollar real estate plans

Arabian Business: Video: Sharjah's multi-billion-dollar real estate plans

News: 18 April 2018

Arabian Business profiles the Sharjah property market’s recent boom

The chairman of Tilal Properties and Arada Developments, Sheikh Sultan bin Ahmed Al Qasimi, is spearheading some massive ‘city within a city’ projects that could radically reshape Sharjah.

In light of the ceaseless progress elsewhere in the UAE, it is perhaps easy to overlook Sharjah’s rapid development in recent years.

The pace of change is no less impressive than its more conspicuous neighbours, with high-rise towers now jostling for position with the more compact, low-rise downtown along the Corniche.

It might not appear in global ad campaigns or occupy many billboards, but brand Sharjah has been backed by considerable investment and rewarded with plenty of commercial confidence.

Sharjah’s forward-thinking leadership, though, is trying to steer the next phase of its development in a new direction – both thematically and geographically – by shifting away from the congested core that has spawned twice-daily traffic snarls that clog up the roads toward Dubai.

At the forefront of this gear change is Sheikh Sultan Bin Ahmed Al Qasimi.

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