Spectacular celebrations planned at Aljada for New Year’s Eve

Spectacular celebrations planned at Aljada for New Year’s Eve

News: 30 December 2021

A full entertainment program is scheduled to take place at Madar at Aljada, Sharjah’s popular entertainment destination, to ring in the New Year.

In addition to musical performances, a pyrotechnic show, breakdancing, football freestyling, and flame throwers, the arrival of 2022 will be welcomed with a shower of light and confetti at the stroke of midnight.

Ray Tinston, Events Director at Arada, said: “We are excited to pull together an eclectic entertainment program for families to enjoy, including street performers, fire shows, and the famous Red Bull DJ Truck, in addition to terrific F&B offerings that our visitors can enjoy while practising social distancing.”

Madar at Aljada opened its doors in February 2020 in the Muwaileh district of New Sharjah and currently welcomes over 120,000 visitors a month. Madar hosts  a number of major community attractions including the Zad food-truck park and picnic area, plus a popular drive-in cinema that guests enjoy for free from the comfort of their cars.