Gulf News: Technology for the Home

Gulf News: Technology for the Home

News: 5 March 2019

Smart solutions enhance UAE’s real estate value proposition

Gulf News, March 5, 2019

Technologies are revolutionising the real estate sector globally, and the UAE has been making strides in adopting innovations. Many developers have boasted 3D virtual property tours and blockchain deployment for property contracts. “There is a huge emphasis on going increasingly paperless, and it is evident that proptech has gone beyond the cool factor to disrupt the status quo,” says John Stevens, managing director of Asteco. “It will ultimately result in positive gains regarding time, efficiencies, environmental impact and cost savings.” There are also initiatives to transform Dubai into one of the cities with the lowest carbon footprints in line with the Dubai Clean Energy Strategy 2050, Stevens adds.

And as developers work on building smart homes that are fully automated, allowing properties to be managed remotely, Stevens says there should be more focus on the systems that operate the buildings and communities of which these properties are a part of.

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