Climate Control ME Aradas holistic approach is the key to sustainable development

Climate Control ME Aradas holistic approach is the key to sustainable development

News: 5 August 2019

Climate Control ME: 5 August, 2019

Sustainability is a core part of our vision, said Ahmed Alkhoshaibi, CEO, Arada, adding that that the commitment towards forward-thinking, environmentally conscious developments can be observed in the strength of Arada’s executive team. “In a little over two years, we now have a staff of more than 200, many of which have experience from some of the most well-known developers, not just in the Gulf but around the world,” he said. “This team includes specialists in a number of key areas, including design and architecture, master planning, MEP and, of course, development.” Highlighting the company’s holistic approach, Alkhoshaibi said that every specialist team is involved in every project, at every stage from concept to handover, a process that has ensured that Arada, as a developer, is operating as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Alkhoshaibi discussed the company’s commitment to ensure its projects are designed to be vibrant and sustainable urban environments. Alkhoshaibi said that Arada is working on developing Aljada as a fully comprehensive smart city, which includes investment and innovation in five key areas: Traffic management, waste management, the circular economy, next-generation telecom infrastructure and utilities. “This dual approach – making Aljada both a sustainable and smart city – will require considerable investment and input from an HVACR perspective,” he said. “Our in-house MEP team are currently reviewing these plans, and we are also negotiating with a number of significant external partners with a view to bringing this vision to life.”

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