Arada donates sanitation gates to help Sharjah emergency service

Arada donates sanitation gates to help Sharjah emergency service

News: 30 April 2020

Arada has donated a number of sanitation gates to a range of emergency service institutions around Sharjah as part of its community support package against the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The locations that have received the sanitation gates include Sharjah Police Station on Maliha Road, which has been the one of the busiest facilities for the police during the current pandemic; Sharjah Civil Defense Station on University City Road; and Al Qassimi Hospital and Kuwait Hospital, both of which have played key roles during the public health crisis. Arada will continue to provide maintenance and support services for the gates as long as they are required.

Each gate has been specially designed to protect employees and visitors to key government institutions that have been working tirelessly to help the Sharjah community during this time.

Anyone passing through the gate has their temperature measured and also receives a 360-degree comprehensive automatic disinfection, all within 5-7 seconds.

Use of the gate ensures that 99.9% of germs and viruses are killed, and cameras inside the gate also check whether users are wearing face masks or not.

The gates ensures that emergency workers can perform their duties to a high level of safety and efficiency, while visitors to key institutions are also protected.

Arada has also installed a fifth cabin at the entrance to the Aljada Discovery Centre to ensure the health and safety of employees and visitors to the recently opened Madar at Aljada complex.

The initiative comes shortly after Arada began the delivery of free meals for healthcare workers at Al Qassimi Hospital and Kuwait Hospital, in partnership with food outlets at Zad, the new food destination at Aljada.

Four deliveries have taken place so far, and this initiative will continue throughout Ramadan.

Further initiatives to support the Sharjah community during this challenging time will be announced shortly.