Aljada participates in Earth Hour alongside global community

Aljada participates in Earth Hour alongside global community

News: 25 March 2021

Earth Hour will be observed at Arada’s landmark lifestyle community, Aljada, on Saturday at 8:30pm, when all non-essential external and internal lighting and appliances will be switched off. During Earth Hour, the Aljada Discovery Centre, the community’s showpiece building that has been designed by Zaha Hadid Architects, will have its distinctive lights turned off.

Ahmed Alkhoshaibi, CEO of Arada, said: “We are proud to join the global initiative to raise awareness on energy conservation and climate change. We urge our communities and people to observe the Earth Hour and contribute to the world’s efforts to fight climate change.”

Launched by World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Earth Hour is one of the world’s largest grassroots movements for the environment since 2007. It aims to inspire individuals, businesses and organizations all over the world to renew their commitment to the planet.

This activity is in line with Arada’s partnership with the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment, which aims to enhance environmental sustainability.